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It is very difficult to save a live links for you.
Here you can post your comments about this site or requests.


Than bigger your request, the more likely that it will be ignored or deleted. Trust me, you’re not alone here. Here are a lot of requests from another users. And at the same time I’m not a robot.

Ask 3-4 sets in one request. It will be ok.
Thanks for understanding.

306 thoughts on “Comments & Requests

  1. Hi Admin ! A quick suggestion if you don’t mind :

    Bangbros – Yorgelis Carrillo – A good Fuck to pay rent (28-01-2023)

    Bangbros – Yorgelis Carrillo – Huge Tits Massage (10-12-2022)

    Love her Feet – Yorgelis Carrillo – Language of Lust (11-01-2023)

    18 VR – Yorgelis Carrillo – The Red Woman (17-10-2022)

    Thanks for all your work, this website is amazing!

  2. There was website that posted full sets of galleries from many different other publications. There were lots of them and it could not be easier to use. Maybe I am mistaken but I think you could even download any gallery. I think there most recent galleries ceased about 2020. It might have been not sure.

    I cannot figure out how to use this website! I do have a college degree! I am sure there is a way to enjoy this if I could figure it out.

  3. Hi, I realize that many sets of Erotic Destinations are not available anymore. Could you please repost some of them?

  4. Hello admin,
    Could you please post the picture sets of Trisha (aka Gloria A) from

    Thanks in advance


  5. Is it possible to request some FTV albums? I see there are some already available but they were posted a while ago so I’m unsure of their availability.

  6. Hello Admin
    Can you please upload the following sets of Caprice at Errotica Archives?
    EA — 2015-10-23 — Caprice — La Silla
    EA — 2016-02-04 — Caprice — Cuidar
    EA — 2016-03-04 — Caprice — Innocent
    EA — 2016-04-28 — Caprice — Innocent
    Thank you

  7. Hello Admin
    I’ve noticed you are posting a lot from Metmodels recently…
    Any chance you can drop these sets as well?
    MetModels – 2008-04-28 – Mari A – Tones
    MetModels – 2008-05-22 – Lora – Gala
    Thanks as always

  8. Hi Admin!

    May I ask you to share the following HQ sets from APD-Nudes?
    2012-05 – Sophia Smith – Nude Heat Part1
    2012-06 – Charlie E – Just Home
    2012-06 – Brookie – Boobs N Bums
    2012-06 – Vickie Marie – Pure

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Hello Admin
    Thank you for all EvasGarden Tess Lyndon.
    Only one more: EvasGarden – 2012-01-30 – Tess Lyndon – Tess-O-Licious

    Thank you! Much appreciated!

  10. – Gold Series – Week #06-17 Nika & Falke Vitality 20 [280 images] Included all shots! – Gold Series – Week #21-17 Nika & Pretty Polly 15 [329 images] Included all shots! – Gold Series – Week #37-17, Nonna & Cecilia de Rafael [185 images] Included all shots!

    Looking for these sets, thank you

  11. Dear Admin,
    I hope that Christmas went well for you. Thank you for bringing us another superb year of Ero Full Sets filled with beautiful and exciting women – so much tantalizing pleasure! I send you all my Best Wishes for the New Year 2020.

  12. – 2019.12.18 – Hilary C – Happy Morning – 2019.09.22 – Hilary C – Not Your Baby Girl – 2019.07.16 – Hilary C – Te Stesso

    Hi, Can you add these?
    Thank you.

  13. Hi, and first of all Thank You for your fantastic site.
    Could you please re-post the following

    MA – 2011-03-27 – LEKA C – PRESENTING LEKA – BY SERGEY AKION (145)
    MA – 2011-07-21 – LEKA C – ANTEXIS – BY SERGEY AKION (127)
    MA – 2011-09-01 – LEKA C – ARRISE – BY ANTONIO CLEMENS (86)
    MA – 2012-04-26 – LEKA C – AQUA DREAM – BY ANTONIO CLEMENS (107)

    Many thanks

    • Thank you very much for posting these – I had not expected TWO versions of “Presenting Leka” – a great bonus!

      Again, many thanks, and Best Wishes for the Christmas season, and a great New Year 2020.


  14. Dear Administrator

    I am looking for reports plus photographic reports of # Nika # and #Laura Muir #, embassies for the web “Bellisimas, a window open to beauty”

  15. Hello Admin
    I am looking for these sets:
    JustTeenSite – 2011-08-10 – Rilee – Retro
    AxelleParker – 2015-04-19 – Rose – Modern Art
    JustTeensPorn – 2015-12-11 – Angelika – Sexiest Secret
    Could you provide support? :)
    Thanks in advance

  16. Hegre Art
    model: Sian
    Sensual Sun
    Summer Fun
    In The Sun
    Next Door Girl
    Home Girl
    South African Sun
    Cape Town Beauty

  17. Admin question you probably know the answer two, I noticed a couple of Morey Studios shared sets in the VipNudes, one with Verunka. Did she ever do any work directly with VIP ?

  18. Hello Admin.
    requesting a couple of alsscan vids if you can please.
    AlsScan_2019_10_06_Alecia Fox – Poolside Princess
    AlsScan_2019_10_04_Kiara Cole – Sleep Aid
    been downloading from your site since at least 2012 and would prefer to get everything from you as I find your one of a very very few that don’t mess with the files….Thanks For That !!!
    here is to another decade of fine Post :)

  19. Dear admin. Is it possible to get videos from Sonia one the room part 1-2? Thank you for your great work.

  20. Hi, it is very hard to find this set and I could not find it anywhere. Please, I request one set:

    Thank you!

  21. Hi Admin, can you be so nice and upload from the BEL site the tamara moreno sets?
    Any more BEL sets will be welcome!!

    Thanks a lot for your work!!

  22. Hi Admin, can you please upload this video?
    Thanks in advance.


  23. Hello, Admin. I’d like requesting if you can upload again this set, specially in High-Resolution:
    MM – 2009-02-07 – HELEN A. – CUIVRE – by Rylsky (149) 2336×3504. The links are down.

    Also I’d like to ask if there is some error with this other set:
    MM – 2008-09-10 – HELEN A. – CRYPTON – by Rylsky (127) 2000×3008
    The High-Res version is just a bit bigger than the Mid-Res, when usually there is big difference in the size of files between High and Med. Is it corect?

    Thanks in advance.

  24. Dear Sir,
    Please upload video and photo of model Giselle in set Horny Rich Beauty from FTV GIRLS.
    Thank u, Sir.

  25. Just a request.

    1. X-ART
    2. Eufrat
    3. Seductress, Black Magic
    4. 20 October 2009 for Seductress, 1 November 2010 for Black Magic

  26. Hi Admin, what a great site that allows users’ request. The model Im looking for is Set or Video of Lily Rader or Stacie Jaxx any you have is my hope. Thank u so much for your efford

  27. Hello Admin,

    I am continuously grateful for your uploads and I was wondering if you could upload Aspen Martin’s newest set from This Years Model, called “Turn on the sunshine” I think, released on May 17th it seems.

    Thanks in advance if you decide to upload it.

  28. Hi Admin,

    I am looking for these sets of Mireille
    2014-03-01 – mireille – revoirs
    Thanks a lot !!!!

  29. Guys!
    To my surprise, I found that Art-Lingerie sets from May, 21 2017 to Aug 31 2017 were missed on
    If it still actual and needed, I can post them.
    Well, waiting for your answers..

  30. Hi guys!
    Sorry for the delay of update,
    I was too busy these days..
    I’ll upload all the missing sets/vids very soon!
    Stay tuned!

  31. Just wanted to say thank you for the huge Nika update. It was totally unexpected and much appreciated. I’m thinking you may be a big fan of her work too, it’s a shame she modeled for just a few short years.

    Thanks again for your time and effort for this update.

  32. Hi Admin,
    what happened to all the Met Art Elle B sets? I’m sure you had them all here a while back? Now I can only find MA – 2008-11-17 – ELLE B – ANGELICA.

    If they are gone can you please upload all of her Met Art sets when you feel like it and find the time for uploading them? Especially looking for Mid-Res versions.

    Thanks as always!

    • I have never collected a complete full pack Ella’s B collection here.
      You confuse me with someone.
      P.S. And don’t forget about request rules F.A.Q. (pp.5,8 & p.9)

  33. The following link \”\” doesn\’t seem to be responding. When I click on the download link is slowly register and show the link to be downloading, but after all night and trying again twice today the download clock just sits there showing about 5% download and doesn\’t go any further. Hope this helps you solve a problem and gets me to download the file. Thanx, DOC.

  34. Ok, If you cannot help me find Alina sets at FM teens, she also did these. Hope you can help.

    Goddessnudes as Alli 2011-03-24
    Femjoy as Xylina title ‘Xylina’ 2009-09-16

    Thank you

  35. I don’t suppose you could get hold of these?

    FM -Teens Alina (Dates unknown though sorry)
    – Stockings
    – Cleaning the Room
    – Sexy in the Kitchen
    – Nice and Pussy
    – Wet Dreaming
    – Naughty Ass


      • Sorry I can’t find any further information for these sets. Tried FM teens but you cannot browse without paying. Any idea where I can find this information?


          • Yeah, tried that my friend!

            Links I found were outdated or just linked back to FM teens. If I want them I suppose I have to join there

            Thank you for helping though

  36. Hello, theres a good chance you don’t have the site so I’m just going to ask.

    18eighteen Jewel, set should be named Sweet & Sexy


  37. Dear Admin,

    Could you please re-upload Hi-Res of following sets?
    eva – 2012-02-20 – Annely Gerritsen – Tender attraction
    eva – 2012-02-23 – Franceska Gallardo – Nipplicious
    eva – 2012-02-13 – Franceska Gallardo – The real Deal!
    eva – 2012-01-25 – Viktoria Mc Adams – Blond

    Thank you in advance!

  38. Dear Admin:
    I have a technical question to consult with you. If you could give me some professional explanation, it will be greatly appreciated.
    For a long time, I saw both 5616px quality image sets and 5600px quality sets all the time. Sometimes there are also irregular image size like 4386px or 5184px.
    My question is, in terms of originality, which resolution is the original one from the very studio which made them in the first place please? Since 5616px is the largest, does it mean other smaller resolutions are somewhat modified or edited later on? If possible, should I try my best to obtain the 5616px quality for any particular image set please?
    If you could give me some advice on this, I couldn’t be more thankful!

    • Hi, xyuxx002
      All easy.
      Different studios – different photografers – different photo-cameras – different photo resolutions. Is it clear?))
      Moreover, 3744×5616 is not largest resolution. Just browse my site and you’ll see dozens of others resolutions.
      For example:
      7732×10328 (MND)
      7514×10000 (Hegre)

  39. Hello, Dear Admin!
    Sincerely thank You for all You have done and are doing!
    Please very ask You, help me to find full photoset: Zemani – 2018-01-30 – Mila – Angel
    – 130 images. I need medium-sized pictures.
    Thank you in advance sincerely!
    With deep respect and best wishes, ebo1

  40. Dear Admin,

    I don’t know whether you are aware of this, but there seems to be a serious problem with – every time I try to download a model, my anti-virus software blocks a virus attack and closes down the transaction. I don’t know when this started happening, but I certainly remember when was working perfectly. I don’t know whether this is something you can fix globally, or whether I just have to ask you to re-upload individual models, as with the Oron items.

    Best Wishes,

  41. Dear Admin,

    Sir, You are great! Thank You very much for the Jana Cova feast which you have re-uploaded. Truly magnificent. What a fantastic model she is! Marvellous to see these sets. And I am sure others, too, will be fascinated by her. Thanks again.


  42. … and a question. Are the sets dating before 2011 which were posted to Oron now lost forever? I often like looking at all the sets of a particular model, and it can be very frustrating to see something listed which is then not available.

  43. Thanks for all the Art of Gloss sets! Since you’ve been posting them roughly a year after the release date, I’ll wait patiently for all the sets of Rozy (my favorite) to gradually turn up here. Keep them coming, it’s greatly appreciated!

  44. Dear Admin, please re-upload these 3 sets:
    LS – 2011-09-07 – Lizzie Ryan – Pontoon – by Patrik Ryan (98) 5600px;
    LS – 2011-07-17 – Lizzie Ryan – My Daily Fitness – by Patrik Ryan (111) 3744×5616;
    LS – 2011-06-29 – Lizzie Ryan – Can you feel it! – by Gerard Montmirail (88) 3744×5616.
    Thank you so much

      • Thank you. I am a newcomer, how should I find your new image sets’ links please? Open relevant set page and follow download instruction or check my box please? Thanks.

          • Please forgive my clumsiness, but up till now I haven’t found anything new in the section “”. Under every individual photoset there is a “requested” label and it just leads me to some downloading site which does not work well. Where exactly will your new links appear please? Are they supposed to be some new downloading sites or they will be straightforward files please? Thank you for your help!

  45. Hey, thanks for all the work. Whats happened to the Art of Gloss Videos? Also, could we get more Art of Legs?

  46. Hi admin, i would like to request a update in the w4b section. hope you have time for some w4b girls.

    thanks for you great work here

  47. Hello, Admin. I’d like if you can find from RylskyArt: Kylie Miny “Ristorante”. It was published on December 11, 2017. It’s small film. Could you find it in 1080p, please?
    Thank you in advance and happy holidays.

  48. Hi.

    Is it possible to Request

    Miranda – Pregnant Rebirth and Pregnant Lace
    Danii – Pregnant Nude Art

    from Nude Muse?

    Please and thank you,.

  49. Hi!
    I would like to request four sets of Andrea Krumlova:
    MoreyStudios2 – 2008-06-10 – Sara Set P1 (68)
    MoreyStudios2 – 2007-07-18 – Sara Set P2 (45)
    MoreyStudios2 – 2007-08-20 – Sara Set P3 (38)
    MoreyStudios2 – 2007-09-08 – Sara Set P4 (45)
    Thanks in advance!

  50. Hi Admin. Thanks for all the work you do in fulfilling requests. When you get a chance could you please post the following 3 sets:
    Lindsey Lee DD set 10841 published 11Oct2010
    Lindsey Lee DD set 10843 published 16Feb2010
    Lindsey Lee DD set 10852 published 31Dec2008

    Thanks, in advance

  51. Dear Admin,
    Just logged on to say Thank You for the marvellous – and many – sets you have posted today. I very much appreciate all your work for us!

  52. Hi Admin,
    In AvErotica there are 2 models, Larisa and Hazel, who you have posted some of their videos.
    Could you please post the remaining videos of these two.
    Hazel: You have posted 3 of 6. The unposted ones are entitled: Orange, Dance, and Sweater.
    Larisa: You have posted 5 of 16. The unposted ones are entitled: Studio, Dance, Black Net, Romance, Roses, Grace, Sexy, Walk, Sunlight, Verdure, and Island.

    I realize that this is a very large request, but I am in no hurry to get them, so if you spread them out over a period of time, that would be ok. If you want me to break them up in groups of 4 I will do that.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  53. Hi Admin, always a great work what you do, is it possible to get some Milla Y sets from (YT)? Please and thank you for making this possible

  54. Hi, would you be so nice and upload the sets from the model Támara (Moreno) from the site Bellisimas (BEL)?
    Thanks in advance

  55. Hi Admin,
    I am looking for the last 3 photosets (may 2010) and the last video (may 2010) of Victoriya A on EuroNudes: photosets 9 (96 pictures), 10 (105 pictures), 11 (143 pictures) and the video from set 11.
    Thank you very much.

  56. Your site used to work for me, but lately every time I click on a link I get sent to a “404 Not Found” error page. I’m logged in and I have my adblocker turned off, but nothing works. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  57. All best wishes for the Christmas and New Year Season, and thank you for running this excellent site. See you next year!

  58. Glad this sites still going, been a while since I’ve been here. Hope you can help me with one. I’ve been looking everywhere for…AmourAngels – Willow – Smooth Taste. I can’t even find it in any torrents. It’s up to you! :) thanks a lot if you can upload it.

    • I don’t know where did you get this set name.
      I see only one set on her official web page on AmourAngels:

      5600 PIXELS RES.
      Added 2016-06-25
      103 Images

      And I don’t see ‘Smooth Taste’.

  59. None of those Luba sets from Rigin-S? I don’t have any of Luba’s sets from Rigin-S (except Bridge pt. II), so I guess any of those would make me very happy. Thanks a lot in advance!

  60. Hi Admin,

    A question. Have you thought about putting Comments with newest at the top? At the moment, the order is oldest to newest.

    I think your site is great – many thanks, and good wishes!

  61. Hi.
    Some years ago I purchased various sets in the site Bellisimas.
    Due to a hard drive failure, I lost them all, and the site hasn’t been online for years now. I’ve been looking from time to time for some sets of that page, but with no luck.
    Today, I came up to this site I didn’t knew about, and came across some sets of Bellisimas page.
    There was one model of that page that I loved her sets and aren’t in this page. I remember her model name in Bellisimas page was Sandrita, and I only recall one of her photo set name, and that was “Tourist”. I know she had 3-4 sets more, but I don’t remember the names.Can you see if you have some sets of Sandrita from Bellisimas so you can upload them and I can recover them years after their purchase and lost because of my hdd failure?
    Thanks a lot for the page. There’s a lot of fantastic photography work on some magazines I dind’t know about.

    • Hi.
      I also sorry about that Bellisimas is no more available.
      Unfortunately, I don’t have the sets that you’re looking for.

      • Ok. Thanks for your reply. Sad I can’t recover those sets I paid for. Well, if you can upload any more Bellisimas sets you have around it will be great. I loved their style. Thanks again!!

  62. Hi guys!
    I’m home again.
    I hope you understand that my kids deserve this vacation, right?
    Thank you all for your understanding and patience.

    I remember and I saw ALL your requests and PM’s.
    Already started working))

  63. Admin. just like to say Thank you for the Art of Gloss posts!!! I appreciate all the time and work you put into posting all these sets!!! Thank you again!!!

  64. I would appreciate if you could repost any sets of Helena from MPL, mostly by Feodorov
    Thank you for your efforts, they are appreciated

  65. If u have:
    2011-01-12SimonscansZara – Series 2
    2011-02-16SimonscansZara – Series 4
    Excellent work as always Thanx

  66. Hello,

    I have been trying to collect all of the model Sanjal from Rigin. I tried to download Autumn yesterday and it seemed to fail one third the way through though it told me the download was complete. Now when I try to download it I get an “error” message on a blank page. Can you please re-up this set? It seems to be the only one I do not have and Rigin Studios website is now gone.

    Many thanks,

  67. Hey there Admin. I wanted to ask you something. I would like to request some FTV Girls photo-sets but I can’t find any album names or covers. On a site like MetArt you can search up albums but not on the FTVGirls site. Do you know of any way or place were I can look up albums?


    • _
      All other info only in member’s area.
      Every album contains few photo sets & video clips.

  68. Hi admin!

    This is kind of a special request, as it is something I’ve been looking for for a long time. Do you have for any casual the Kayla Jane Danger (Dangerous Jane) masturbation videos from the closed site Bella1010? It seems that some content from that web is now impossible to find, and it would be a great gem, as there are no other masturbation videos from that girl.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    • >> closed site Bella1010
      Hi bro)
      I never worked with this website,
      so I don’t have any content from this site, sorry bro ;)

  69. Admin, can you please upload Feyonce sets from simonscans. Thanks in advance have a great new year.

  70. Hello, dear friends! Please help! Need a photoset with naked girl posing near car Volga GAZ-3102 or GAZ-31029 or GAZ-3110 or GAZ-31105 or Volga Siber Or UAZ Patriot!
    If anyone knows the name of the picture gallery and where they can be downloaded for free, please send me a message! I would be grateful for any help!

  71. altar — I don’t think the blog is dead. You’ve just got to give admin some time off once in awhile. Appreciate everything, admin.

  72. Request


    Aubrey – May 30, 2014
    Mila – Apr 4, 2014
    Eva – Jan 19, 2013

    Pics and vids from these sets please, thanks!

  73. Hi admin. It is a pity that my request has been removed. Let me again to ask you to load
    Rigin Studio Alex Billiards Parts-2 to 5 February 2011
    Rigin Studio Alex Waterfall 10 November 2010
    Thanks in advance.

  74. What a great site!!! I’m still exploring and find more gorgeous woman at every corner!.. I have one set on my wish-list though, its Adriana Malkova’s “Framed’ set on Ethernudes. But I’d take anything new or uncommon featuring that beautiful woman.

    • Sorry, I’m not a clairvoyant.
      What Natasha do you mean of those four girls?

      Natasha K.
      841 pictures in 9 series

      Natasha S.
      504 pictures in 6 series

      Natasha T.
      133 pictures in 2 series

      Natasha W.
      243 pictures in 3 series

        • Ok, now I understand))
          Her true name on N-I-R is Nata T. now.
          Missed sets were uploaded Nata T. >>

          P.S. If you had gave a link in your first message, it would have been easier and faster!

  75. Hi.
    Could you please post this set: – 2010-06-?? – Kerol – Golden Girl 2848×4288

    Thx & Happy 2014!

  76. Hi guys!
    Sorry, I’m very busy these days.
    I’ll try to post all missed updates in the next few days.

    P.S. And requests too ;)

  77. Hello Admin. Great site you have.
    I am looking for a walterbosque video that I have been unable to find.
    WBA : Valeria : Aerial – HD Video
    Hope you can help.
    Keep up the great work !!!
    Thank you.

    • You’ll never find it.
      Cos it was never shared.
      It was only the cover of this video on WBA site, but download links were broken (404 not found).
      So, nobody has downloaded it.
      And so its impossible to find this movie in the web.

  78. does it make sense to repeat a request I made three weeks ago, or do I just have to live with the fact that it is unfulfullable?

  79. Hello, was wondering if you could please re-post this set; it is the only one of hers that seems to be down.
    MA – 2012-12-10 – ELIZABETH A – TOQUE – by BALIUS (111) Mid-Res

    Also, a request for:
    EvasGarden – Danielle – Hotline (Video – 2008)

    Thank you! Great site!

  80. I have a Zemani video request.
    2010-10-06 – Gioconda – Riflessione (Video)
    In the DiVX format is what I need for my CSV to match.

    Thank you very much

  81. I would like to re-request missing W4B:

    2013-03-08 Clover – Be ready for fashion (67) MIDRES
    2013-03-10 Lola – In the new (62) MIDRES
    2013-03-12 Maria – Before sunset (65) MIDRES

    I would request more but I respect your time. Till next time, thank you.

  82. Hi admin, would you post the missing hegre art sets and movies from 2013-03-15 to 2013-04-01. Thanks a lot for your awesome work.

    • I support Donnie’s request. It’s a nice studio. If you could include WowGirls to the site in the future, admin, it would be much appreciated.

        • I do really understand you.
          But. At this time I have a lot of recent requests which are not filled yet (above 40 requests).
          I have a lot of missed sets / videos from 2013-03-15 to 2013-04-01, when I wasn’t at home.
          This sites (WOWG) without covers, so I must make it myself.
          As you see – I have no time for starting this new topic, sorry guys :)
          And thanks for understanding. ;)

          • No problem, Admin. No rush. Do it when you are able. Keep up the good work! You rock! :)

  83. Hello!
    I would like to indicate a site with beauty girls; is Wowgirls.
    Can you include this site too?

    Many thanks

  84. Can you post from BELLISIMAS.COM…?
    -MARTA (Necklace)
    -BEATRIZ (Exteriores)
    -LAURA (Rooftop)

    Thank you very much.

  85. Dear admin,I’d like to request these sets in the original resolution.As always huge thank you for your help in advance.:)
    JustTeenSite – Alena Vista
    JustTeenSite – Sofiya Aqua
    JustTeenSite – Lola Esmeralda

  86. Hello. I would like to request a model (if it is not possible, then never mind) Her model name is “Soo” from the website “Free Form Studios”. Thank you.

  87. I would kindly request W4B sets:

    2013-03-10 Lola – In the new MIDRESS
    2013-03-08 Clover – Be ready for fashion MIDRESS

    Thank you

  88. Hi Admin. I have Met-Art Maria D Honey set, 27 July 2005, 127 pictures. The pictures MET-ART_kur_3_0049.jpg to MET-ART_kur_3_0067.jpg are defective (bottom part missing). I have downloaded it from various sources and always got the same defective pictures. Do you have this set with these pictures complete, whithout the bottom part missing ? If so, could you post it or at least post the complete pictures ?

    Thanks, catwolf.

  89. Hi, very nice site you have here. Just got here today :)

    I have been looking all over for these sets, can you please re-up them with a working link please?

    R-S – 2011-06-03 – Maria – Sexyflower – 1130 (132) 3500px

    R-S – 2009-09-26 – Maria – Vagrant – 793 (56) 3500px

    Do you by any chance have these sets? (not posted here)
    R-S Maria – Be In Bed
    R-S Maria – Posy
    R-S Maria – Yellow and Blue

    Regards Kingofitall :)

  90. Dear Sir.
    Humble request for Model Hana Black sets and videos from ATKPREMIUM.COM.
    Will Be absolutely gratefull to you.

  91. ok, for mister Mr.Dawn and others I repeat a tip from the top of this page.

    Little Tip:

    Than more your request, the more likely that it will be ignored or deleted. Trust me, you’re not alone here. And at the same time I’m not a robot.

    Ask 2-3 sets in one request. It will be ok.
    Thanks for understanding.

  92. Thanks for the Melissa HA sets. Do you happen to have all the W4B – Melisa – BTS videos for all of her sets? I have the regular video sets but not the BTS that goes along with each photo gallery. Thanks!

      • To be honest – I don’t like the sites without covers.
        Also, I post content from fine-art sites.
        But.. If you really want it)) I can post)
        But not all in one time, ok?

  93. 1. I use these 2 hosts (RG & UR) after oron’s down and not last week.
    2. I’m not happy of these jumps too. I like a stability what was with oron.
    3. I don’t like to buy premiums to few filehostings too. Also I don’t like to pay to my hosters and domain registrars. But I do it to this site has been on-line.
    4. I don’t like to spend my own time and money every day to get all this content FOR YOU.

    But I DO IT FOR YOU.

    So please stop this flood. Comments will be closed. All requests now will working in private mode, as it was before it.


  94. Same here, i used to love this site but lately i will no longer this madness of jumping to a other file host every few weeks

  95. pyao, just a little tip:

    Than more your request, the more likely that it will be ignored or deleted. Trust me, you’re not alone here. And at the same time I’m not a robot.

    Ask 2-3 sets in one request. It will be ok.
    Thanks for understanding.

  96. How does one properly request that a link or file be re-uploaded?

    I tried to request a couple of re-uploads a few days ago but the comment got deleted. I was requesting the re-upload because a lot of rapidgator links were showing “file not found” and some links were broken

  97. Sir,
    May I ask why you have changed storage site again, I cannot afford to keep taking membership on so many download sites.
    Will you be sticking with this site or use rapidgator again?

  98. Hello Admin. Thanks for trying, but I presume I’ve had no luck with my request on the 28th May, for the Fritz Ryan photo sets of Iva, (AKA. Ksuche C. Met Art).

  99. Some links are hided by link-protector

    How the CAPTCHA works:
    The operation is very intuitive after a short acclimatization:
    – In light of the code table is issued a code, which is present in the table.
    – The table is sorted alphabetically from top to bottom, from left to right numerically ascending order.
    – You only need to read the code in the background, find the correct row based on the letter at the beginning of the code and find the matching number from the horizontal.
    – After clicking you arrive without detours directly at the link overview.
    – If you still have problems, located under each Captcha is a short video instructions.

  100. i thought maybe re-uploading would be faster and easier. now i can see you have a lot of requests from the people who like the great photos from your website and you also upload the new photos. Your website is great! I hope this website will keep going well like now. Thanks for your hard work on this website.

  101. Thanks for understanding, sapeentah
    Also, remember please:
    First of all I try to post UPDATES (new)
    And only after that (if I have time) I try fulfill your requests & re-uploads.

    Once again, thanks for understanding

  102. ok admin, i understand your comment and situation. We apologise if make you diffucult. I reduce my request from 7 to 4.

    1) MA- Francine A – The Bath (photosets)*
    2) Twistys- Sara Jaymes – Plaid Never looked So good (video)
    3) Twistys- Sara Jaymes – Fresh Braced Beauty (video)
    4) Twistys- Sara Jaymes – The Last Sara’nade (video)

    or only upload my 1st request (* symbol). I just want make your work easy. Tq admin. ;)

  103. PeterManns78, may be one more millions of sets?))
    Guys, remember please,
    As more your request – the less chance that it will be fulfilled.
    All easy.

    Request 1-3 sets for one time and it will be fulfilled faster (if it possible, of course)

  104. thank you for your help admin, i appreciate it. :)

    Can i make another request,

    1) MA- Francine A – The Bath (photosets)
    2) Twistys- Sara Jaymes – Plaid Never looked So good (video)
    3) Twistys- Sara Jaymes – Fresh Braced Beauty (video)
    4) Twistys- Sara Jaymes – The Last Sara’nade (video)

    Thank you again,. :D

    • sorry admin, please add:

      5) Twistys- Sara Jaymes – The Greenhouse isn’t the only thing hot and moist (photoset)
      6) Twistys- Sara Jaymes – Waiting to be touched (photoset)
      7) Twistys- Sara Jaymes – Delicious and gorgeous (photoset)

      Sorry to make you difficult. Hopefully you can upload it for me, thanks admin..

  105. Hello Admin. I have a request for three photo sets of Iva,
    (AKA. Ksuche C. Met Art or Barbi. ATK) by The Fritz Ryan Studio,
    if you have them please.
    Floor show.
    Open in bed
    Apart on the lounge
    This is a bit of a long shot as I’ve been serching for these sets for a long time,
    but I live in hope.
    Many thanks. Smoky.

  106. Hi Admin,

    I would like to request the set of Lena from (She is Sara Nalda From BEL :D)

    Thank you a lot :D

  107. Hi, I’d like to request anything you have of Keira K from Morey Studio. According to her model page there, it looks like she has 3 photo sets and 1 video.

  108. Admin, thank you very much for uploading my request (Amelie – Little Ways). This blog is totally awesome. Keep update, you’re the best :)

  109. seanpennai, I think they are not visible because they are contain a lot of links.
    And system determines them as a spam.
    I’ve already told about nubiles – I don’t work with this site.

  110. Hi, Mighbor! Really I don’t know))
    It was a single picture, not a full set.
    If I find it elsewhere – I’ll let you know ;)

  111. Hi Admin,
    Love the site.
    Who is the model in gold body paint on your sites main header? Could you possibly upload the set?

  112. Great new look, admin!

    But I have a problem to switch from the old …in-domain to this new …com-domain!
    Deleted cockies and DNS-cache but it do not help.
    (I’m here in the “private mode” of Firefox…that works)

  113. Hi admin, very nice updateting site, I like it very much :-)

    Can I please request the 3 sets of “Donna A” – “Met Art” ?

    19.01.2008DONNA A Presenting DONNABY GoncharovMOVIEBiography 26.02.2008DONNA A & Rebecca B PazzeBY GoncharovFull coverBiography 05.08.2008DONNA A & Nadin A DuesBY GoncharovFull coverBiography

    Thanks in advance , bye :-)

  114. Hello Ero Full Sets Admin(s).

    Thank you for the continuous stream of high quality beauty!
    It could be said it’s priceless…?

    I just registered and may tend to comment…

    Thanks, from Canada

  115. Very nice looking design.
    Also a nice surprise seeing the Ariel blog updates. Hoping to see the earlier releases/updates from 2012.


  116. Sapeentah, libellule, lee, Mighbor, elma, kayaboy, nullpointer99, maximus, DIABOLUS, aalbertcharlss, spawn8! You are welcome here! :)

    About requests: guys, give us just a little time, ok? ;)

    @nullpointer99: at this moment you can use site archive + site archive calendar for browsing concrete date. I think that site archive will be updated soon as it was on the blogger.

    Enjoy on updated EFS! :)

  117. The WordPress upgrade looks very nice. One layout request: Is it possible to modify the WordPress theme so that the site archive is viewable by date on the left sidebar?

    (On the old site, the site archive lists each day in the current month, with a triangle by each day. So if you click on the triangle by “April 28” in the left sidebar, it displays a list of the posts from that day.)

  118. Wonderful new look! A request: MiaB did 4 sets for MA. You have posted one of them recently. Any chance you could post the remaining three? Thanks in advance.

  119. Love the site upgrade!
    Also on the main header there is a photo of I think Nikki Case clad in gold. Would you have the original of this photo? I would love to use it as wallpaper on my desktop. Thanks

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